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In its 25th year, the connect mobile network test is still considered the highest benchmark, ­offering maximum objectivity as well as a distinct customer orientation. We have further refined our methodology in order to provide an even broader picture of the performance of the tested mobile networks.



A quarter of a century! The renowned ­mobile network test conducted by connect and P3 communications has already arrived in its 25th year. The ­Aachen-based company which specialises in network testing teamed up once again with
the expe­rienced editorial staff of connect. In in a combined effort we make sure that the ­results are determined according to rea­listic and statis­tically ­re­liable methods.
In our close co­operation, we go to great lengths in order to investigate the performance and relia­­bility of ­mobile networks. The figures below impressively prove our efforts.

The reward of this effort is not only that the tested operators assign a much higher ­significance to our results  than to those of less sophisticated network examinations. But also that connect readers can definitely rely on our ­findings when they chose a mobile network operator.

Further refined methodology

However, we did not rest on our laurels but continuously worked on further refining our methodology. Our aim is to present the most accurate ­picture of the actual quality of mobile networks.

Last year, we started to amend the results of our elaborate drive­tests and walktests with the additional findings of crowdsourcing analyses. Now, we have further strengthened this approach by considering not only the networks‘ stability, but also their coverage as well as the data rates actually received by their users. This is the only way to get the complete picture: The drivetests and walktests provide information about the maxi­mum performance of a network; crowdsourcing reveals which share of this performance actually arrives at the average user. Those who limit their evaluations to just one of these two aspects, can only depict part of the complex reality.

Regarding the mobile network test for Switzerland, we have to inform you that, due to the extensive testing efforts, it was not possible to conduct the  testing campaign in ­Switzerland simultaneously to Germany and Austria this time. But we will catch up and ­present the results from this traditionally strong alpine country in February 2019.