Since 1993 we work with the most renowned market-research institutes and test service providers in the area of telecommunications. In 2015 the institute for telecommunications (FiFT) was founded by the WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH. FiFT is specialized in customer surveys and market research studies around telecommunication.

FiFT’s aim is to provide the final consumer and reader of the magazines with the best possible information about quality and efficiency of the checked enterprises and products. Over 20-year know-how of the publishing house’s editorial staff ensure that the utmost care is given that all data is of highest statistical relevance and independence. All survey questions and interview results are subjected to an internal quality benchmark and thoroughly checked for plausibility with objective results and market data.

Furthermore FiFT carries out tests and satisfaction studies for the WMP magazines (such as hotline tests) and external clients. With all our magazines we exclusively persist in developing statistically durable analyses and fair communication. It is our obligation to objectivity that the customers have no influence on the test layout and content. All obtained and processed information is treated with strict confidentiality. No information will be disclosed to third parties without customer approval. An announcement of the results is carried out exclusively with consent of the customer.


Customer surveys shall identify customer satisfaction concerning service, consulting, pricing, quality and product line.

FiFT in competition to other reseach institutes:

customer survey smartphones

customer survey cellphone provider

customer survey internet provider

FiFT – number of samples                                             




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Our qualified testing personnel pose as customers and examine undercover the service of telecommunication companies. Mystery tests shall identify the on-site service, the service in online shops, on the phone, via email, on webpages and in social media.