You want to bring a new product to the market but you are unsure how it will be received by the customer. Ask Testlab for a usability check/fitness for use test. We will tell you if your product will fullfill the expectations raised by your advertisements and the labelling of its packaging. And we will find out if the manual is clear enough for the target audience. We will supply a test logo for products fit to enter the market. If you are interested to know what a usability check/FFU can tell you about your product before you hit the market, take a closer look the FFU report database.  



Your product is one of a kind and you like to prove it: The Testlab product check provides the end user orientation in a more and more non-transparent supply of accessories. Obtaining the Testlab certificate is to be assessed as a quality characteristic. 

The product check is based on the market environment without specifying any ranking or grading. Our demanding test standards guarantees that the certified products are far above average. Measurements are included only as far as it is necessary to judge the subjective quality. The result of the product check can be „succeeded“ or „not succeeded“. A successfully passed product check is tantamount to the trustworthiness of the product. Product characteristics that obviously contradict the interests of the customer will not receive any certificate. The product check is more extensive than the usability check without going into deep technical parameters like the product test does.



You want to know all about your product before going to market. Then a product test covers usability check, product check and all relevant technical measurements for you. With the product test you can get an idea of how your product would perform in a test in one of the WMP magazines.
If the product passes the test successfully, the certificate will contain items like „features“, „functionality“, „user interface“ and „measured data“. The certificate can be used for marketing and advertising purposes, for example printing on product packaging and brochures, placing on display ads and TV commercials. The detailed test report can be used for product optimization. The test report can include a certificate with a grade ranging from extraordinary to poor.



Is you product ready to succeed? We will find the answer: We author an objective ranking of your product in comparison to the market competition based on customer needs, including an estimation of the market chance based on the technical parameters.
We use a complex and extensive database that covers all products relevant to the market, some of them with more than 400 KPIs. Our facilities enable the objective rating of all technically relevant parameters. Test report: we deliver an extensive test report which shows all results of the practical and technical testing.