In this year, the r­esults of crowd­sourcing analyses are part of the total score for the first time.

In our new crowdsourcing disci­pline, Telekom also takes the lead. As could be expected, when considering voice coverage, all three candidates score well. But when looking at the data coverage and its quality in the assessed area, some weaknesses at O2 become obvious. The are even more distinct when specifially examining the 4G coverage and its quality. But also Vodafone could score better in this category.

Long outage at O2

The data rates identified in the crowdsourcing shows the almost well-known ranking: Telekom leads, Vodafone follows, O2 brings up the rear. However, in the fastest “evaluation areas“, O2 actually manages to overtake Vodafone by a narrow margin.

In the analysis of network availability which is based on six months of measurements (May to ­October 2018), Telefó­nica attracts negative attention with two ­service ­degradations each spanning many hours in May and August.



Single Review


Telekom Logo.jpg

For the eighth time in a row, the Bonn-based operator wins connect‘s mobile network test in Germany. Compared to the previous year, Telekom was able to slightly improve its performance – this is also true when segragating the newly added crowd points. The very good overall result would arithmetically equal a school ­grade of 1.3 (of 6 levels, with 1.0 being the best grade).


When directly comparing the degrees of fulfilment in the separat test categories with those of the ­previous year, the Dusseldorf operator falls back slightly. But as we have further enhanced our test methods year over ­year, the overall performance probably remained constant. The achieved second rank and the overall grade “good“ would arithmetically equal a school ­grade of 1.8.


In comparison to the previous year, O2 managed to improve considerably – both in the voice and data disciplines. The advancements in larger cities stand out particularly. The results in smaller towns, on the connecting roads and on railways (where all German operators perform poorly) remain weak points. O2 improves its results, now reaching the grade “satisfactory“, which equals a school grade of 3.1.